Hardwood Worktop Information  

Kitchen Worktops Direct .com have coupled with the BEST supplier of Hardwood worktops available in the UK to bring kitchen worktop excellence to the Do It Yourself kitchen & refurbishment purchaser.

Tuscan Worktops.

Protecting the Environment

At Tuscan, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We want you to enjoy this beautiful, natural product and also be confident that you are buying something that is from a legal, ethical and sustainable source. As part of our environmental commitment, we have a policy not to buy timber from countries that do not comply with international agreements or fundamental good forestry practices.

To substantiate our commitment to the environment, the Tuscan Solid Wood Worktop Collection has species certified with both FSC and PEFC certification. This certification guarantees that the timber is harvested from responsibly managed forests, and by purchasing products with these certifications you are supporting responsible forest management worldwide.

We are fully committed to going beyond existing regulations to minimise any impact on our environment, protect peoples health and safety, and make labour relations and social issues an integral part of everything we do.

"Seeking to increase our positive impact on the environment"

  Species and Trees that we use  

Ash - Fraxinus Excelsior

European Ash is of medium weight, with freshly cut wood being a creamy white to pale brown, turning to a slightly brownish-white after drying.

Sound irregular dark brown heartwood can be found enhancing the decorative nature and beauty of this wood.


Bamboo - Phyllostachys Pubescens

Although technically not wood but a species of grass.
It is widely used in a vast number of applications due to it's structural and durable qualities.

It is very dense and strong with excellent - resistance to moisture. The versatility of Bamboo has created an endless list of applications including house structures, bridges, irrigation pipes and furniture.  It has phenomenal growth rates of up to 250mm per day.

Due to this exceptional growth rate it is now widely regarded as one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly options available.

Beech - Fagus Sylvatica

European Beech is a very versatile wood used for a wide number of interior applications.

It is of medium weight and has straight grain with light steaming producing colouring of pale brown with pinkish or dark brown streaking.

Beech is generally regarded as a hard type of wood, thre strength properties of Beech increase after drying and is readily treatable providing an excellent timber for internal joinery and worktops.

Beech is supplied as Prime Beech - generally very light
& Country Beech (Rustic) which is slightly darker.

European Cherry - Prunus Avium

European Cherry lightly steamed is light pink/reddish-brown with generally straight grain and fine even texture.

A tough wood well suited to indoor furniture and worktops.

European Maple (Sycamore) - Acer Pseudoplantanus

The uniform colouring between the sapwood and heartwood provides a white to yellowish white finish with fine grain.

It is of medium density, but has high strength properties.

European Oak - Quercus Robur, Quercus Petraea

European Oak is light to yellowish-brown in colour with distinctive silver grain figure due to the broad medullary rays that can appear.

Renowned for it's strength, durability and aesthetic character, it is a preferred choice in a wide range of applications.

European Walnut - Juglans Regi

Walnut colouring varies considerably from a light straw colour through to greyish-brown and on into darker reddish-brown with a wavy grain.

It's an ideal worktop material as it's considered tough and durable.

Iroko - Chlorophora Excelsa

The excellent strength and natural oil durability properties of Iroko make it an excellent choice for worktops, as well as being one of the most interesting and striking timbers to use.

Yellow-brown colour when fresh cut or unexposed to light, however it soon matures into the distinctive and desirable deep yellow-brown.

Caring for a timber worksurface is easier than you think.

On installation, it should be sealed with liberal coats of oil.
After that, only a periodic light sanding and re-coating of oil is needed.


The oil feeds the wood, encouraging it to season over time and become even more beautiful.
It also helps protect the surface against stains and spills.

An easy maintenance, hygienic surface.

Just what every kitchen needs.

Maintenance Procedure:

Solid wood worksurfaces require simple maintenance with the application of our recommended oil.

This not only maintains the surface but also enhances the inherent beauty of the natural material through a gradual mellowing.

Full instructions on installation, care and maintenance are included within the ' Hardwood Installation Kit '.

A few helpful guidelines are as follows:

  • Always use a chopping board for food preparation' cutting directly onto the worksurface should be avoided.

  • Hot pans, rough bottomed objects and wet items should not be placed directly onto the worksurface - always use pan stands or trivets.

  • Water spills or other liquids should be mopped up immediately, avoiding liquids standing on the worksurface for any period of time

  • Clean the timber surface with a lightly dampened cloth from a solution of warm water and a drop of washing up liquid.

  • Re-oil the worksurface and edges on a regular basis, recommended three month intervals.